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2 Park Gate, York, YO32 5YL

Redmayne Lodge is a unique Floatation & Therapy centre
Bringing together a full range of therapeutic treatments..

  • Infra-Red Sauna

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    Uses light to create heat. It aids in Detoxification & weight loss among others benefits.

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  • Reflexology

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    Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that uses gentle compression on the feet.

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  • Floatation Therapy

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    Involves being immersed in a pod with water to promote complete relaxation and tranquillity.

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  • Colonic Hydrotherapy

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    Colonic hydrotherapy is both a body and emotional release treatment and great for removing toxins.

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  • Swedish Body Massage

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    This is the most popular form of massage, ideal for a whole body message.

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  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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    Perfect if you’re feeling sluggish and not themselves, it boosts blood circulation.

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  • Aromatherapy

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    Uses essential oils from flowers, fruits & herbs, to create a blend tailored to your needs.

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  • Cupping Massage

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    Cupping massage therapy is carried out by placing cups on the skin to create a suction.

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  • Acupuncture

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    Derived from ancient Chinese medicine in which fine needles are inserted at certain sites in the body.

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  • Hypnotherapy

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    The process of Hypnotherapy aims to alter our state of consciousness in a way that relaxes the conscious part of the mind.

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  • Facial Massage

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    Includes a cleanse, deep cleanse, exfoliant, massage, mask and a moisturiser and toner. A lovely relaxing experience that benefits all skin types!

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  • Tui Na

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    Tui Na (pronounced twee nah) is a form of deep tissue therapeutic massage that can help with many different musculoskeletal problems.

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Mind, Body & Soul

A single centre for all your therapeutic and beauty needs..

Redmayne Lodge is a unique Floatation and Therapy centre that brings together a full range of therapeutic treatments for your mind, body and soul under one roof. Our therapy centre consists of several independent therapists now including:

Full range of hair and beauty treatments.

Yorkshire Floatation Centre: Offering two floatation therapy rooms & Far Infra-red Sauna.

Kirsty East - Child of the Moon @ Redmayne Lodge - Mizan Abdominal and Reproductive Therapy, Swedish Full Body Massage, Organic Aromatherapy Massage.

Shani Sutcliffe & Annette Wilson - Reflexology (Reflexology to help the body to heal itself and to make you have a general feeling of wellbeing and tranquillity).

Colonics at Redmayne Lodge: Colonic hydrotherapy by Rose-Ann Parry and Joanna Priestley in their new modern colonics suite.

Peace Massage by Jaydene: Several treatment's including, Swedish full-body massage, Lymphatic Drainage massage, De-stress massage, Aromatherapy plus more.

Cambridge Weight Plan - Joanna Priestley.

Please note, although Redmayne lodge's opening hours are 8am - 8pm Mon - Fri & 10am - 5pm Sat. Individual therapists set there own opening times, please refer to the therapists website to confirm individual opening times.

    • Location

      Redmayne Lodge
      2 Park Gate, Strensall
      York, YO32 5YL.
      Tel: 01904 501500

      Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm
      Sat: 10am – 5pm

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